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As a member of this clan, you are not required to play every day or be any certain light level or anything like that, as long as you aren't obnoxious to us, we're cool.
We'll assist with missions and raids and nightfalls as we can. And although I have no particular interest in Trials, If a group of people want to go, then I'll create separate channels for them to talk in, as required. This clan will run as a democracy unless the major vote is deemed dumb as frickfrack by myself or ranked individuals.
I have no problem teaching in-game mechanics to those that don't know exactly what to do or when to do it, as long as you put forth the effort to learn :)

My name is Skylar Fay, although I usually just go by Fay. Lucas (or Andrew) is the main hoe (I mean Admin!) and also the guy we can blame for anything that goes wrong. (Fell into a death pit? Lucas' fault. Discord not working right? Lucas' fault.

Please message me on battlenet (M1N3#1457) , leave a comment below or use the link to apply to the clan!