Destiny 2 Tracker Network

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BDM is a chill 18+ clan that is accepting all members currently. Highly active players with Destiny 1 and FPS experience. BDM has a hardcore and casual base, in which plays all types of Destiny 2 activities. We pride ourselves most on the friendly mature community that is ready to help teach the game newcomers and ready to learn from veterans.

Clan Perks
- Discord (Ranks and Private channels for Fireteams)
- In game clan Perks (increased glimmer, XP, and gear)
- Weekly Clan Challenge Gear (we will complete every week)
- Guided Runs to Teach Newcomers
- Raid, Nightfall, Trials, Strikes, and Crucible Groups

How do you Join?
1. Go to Clan Page Click Join:
2. Message a founder or me for discord invite.
3. Up-vote this thread.
4. Make sure you have left your previous clan.

On behalf of all of the current members of Big D Mafia (BDM), we formally invite you to our clan and are very excited for your membership. Join us on a Destiny 2 journey and memorable gaming experience. Thank you, and once again Welcome to Big D MAFIA.