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It's better with Buds

Originally just a small group of pals on TS3, BudSquad has grown over the past six years into a casual, good-vibes crew fostering a tight-knit gaming community on Discord. The community itself is 35 members strong and stretches across multiple games, from R6 Siege to Forza Horizon 3 to Star Citizen.

As a group, we are now looking into creating the base for our Destiny 2 crew so we can consistently schedule Raids, Nightfalls and Trials of the Nine.

Our aim is to create a laid back environment where people of multiple creeds can play together in a friendly, drama-free environment. Our most important rule allows us to accomplish this, which I've posted below, while the rest are laid out on our Discord server.

- No slurs, hate-speech, religious posts or political posts.

Interested in joining? Just follow these steps.
1. Message us in our Discord server (account email must be verified) -
The two channels you'll want to check after you've connected to our server are #rules-info and #recruitment
2. Receive your invite via Battlenet after the interview.
The interview will be conducted over voice in Discord- Nothing to stress about, it's rather informal. We're most active starting 4PM EST and onwards into the evening.
3. Take the time to get to know the other members, have a good time and be active.

This group is LGBTTQ+ friendly.