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Well, yeah the title says it really, we're just a D2 clan of 5 members, and our clan is level 1, soon level 2, all of us are high light, or "Power" as it's named in D2 . And we just wanna level up our clan, Discord server for recruitment is listed below. We all come from D1 on Xbox but now we play D2 on PC and we're on the EU server, so to join this clan you need to be on the EU server and have D2 on PC (Obviously)

But i guess all clans must have some rules yeah? So here's the rules:

1: Be friendly at all times.
2: Be respectful
3: Activeness is good, if you're inactive for more than a month, you will be kicked, unless you're on vacation or something else
4: Spamming is not okay
5: No hate towards clan mates
6: Don't be mean or obnoxious

Contact Green Man511 or Cayde-6 on Discord to discuss recruitment.
Discord Server:

You must be at least 280+ Light or "Power" To join this clan, the reason we set the bar so high is because if you are 280+ You can do every activity within the game (This far) When you're 280+ With a little struggle at some activities

We try to do the raid once a week, though we have pretty much a full team, but if we need some, you can always join, but our goal is to get a fair amount of people into this clan so more than just one fire team can do the raid at all times when ever they want, with or without us, presumably with other clan mates, so no one needs to rely on us, (The clan leader & Current clan members)
We also do ALL of the other activities every week, usually the day after reset, so we can dedicate one full day to the raid.
Though one thing must be said we have not yet tried the hard raid, or "Prestige" mode as it's called in D2. We have only done the normal raid and we do NOT plan on trying out the hard raid just yet, we WILL try it soon enough, but not just yet, maybe in a couple of weeks time.