Destiny 2 Tracker Network

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TAW stands for The Art of Warfare. We are a gaming community of 2600+ members, support 40 different games, and have been a gaming community since 2001. We are currently a registered LLC gaming community.
We are personally looking for people to help us kill the habitats in the world of Destiny and be as awesome as we know we are. We will run the Raids every week and the weeklies on PC. We have members on at all times and have a NA and Eu section, and would much rather have the same group of people to play with every week instead of finding strangers on an LFG site.
We have a very large gaming community heavy on the PC side of gaming.
This is the first Destiny section for TAW and we are looking for members that are not afraid to step up and be a leader in a gaming community. You do not have to be the best Destiny player for this, just a good attitude and be organized.
We currently are openly recruiting Destiny members and are growing fast. We are on every week and are a very active Destiny clan. Our goal is to help our members have fun and be successful at the raids and crucible. We are a laid back group that knows this is a game and have fun playing it.
A little bit about us:
We are a PC focused community, Filled with like minded individuals, that want to play, have fun and make friends with people through our common interest of games.
This is a launching point for TAW, so now would be a great time to get in on the ground floor and be apart of creating a gaming experience designed for the new PC destiny section and be apart of developing that community.
You must be 16 yrs or older to join. We are a group that keeps the language clean and respectful as much as possible and have a good attitude. So PG-13 is the best way to describe it. We get together as a group once a week minimum, we discuss how the community is growing and what is going on and also do events on this day weither it be Raiding of pvp. Download Teamspeak on your PC or mobile device as that is where we will meet as a larger group and break off into smaller squads to play.
Our website:
Our Code of Ethics:
If you would like to know more, add us and we will fill you in on more details or send us a message on here. I will also be adding battletags of the officers you can also contact to get information about the community and clan.
Battletag: Memorydump#1105, Pods#1599
and send US a message that you are interested or check us out a, make sure to put your gamertag in the comments if you register.