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Thank you everyone for taking interest in our Guild!

We are a PC gaming clan so no console people will be accepted as of right now. The only region we are available in as of right now is North America. There are only a few currently in our guild which is why we are only Level 1 but we are very Active and participate in every activity every week. We are a fun community of friends and possibly could be an outlet for other gamers to just simply match with people in the guild so they will not have to wait to find people.

We would like people with Discord as for things like the Raid it is very important as well as people who are mature at least for important things but as of right now there are no age requirements just play nice and don't be annoying. Also have to at least have 1 character very high power or at least eligible for Raids, Trials, etc as well as being pretty active. These are very laid back and will accept most people just be good at the game and what you do!

Inactive Policy
As long as you are not inactive for more than a month you will have the okay in not being kicked from the Guild. If you think you will be away for more than that contact one of our Admins to let us know what is happening so we will not to kick you. Best way to get a hold of us to inform us of a situation like that is through discord.

How to join the Guild?
Discord - CML129HD#7690 - CML129HD#1379

When you have been accepted into the clan you will be given an invite into our Discord server and from there you are welcomed into our community!