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Hey everyone!

This is a new clan that is being created by myself and my Girlfriend with the intention on making a clan that does not require the highest light level and most skilled players only, but instead, focuses on getting groups of people together who want to complete end game content without the worry of not being good enough and being kicked by the rest of the Fireteam in the first 10 minutes, and of course, having a genuinely good time in the process.

We realized when looking for a clan to join that 99% of them require you to be the best player ever and to know what you are doing all the time, and to be honest, that sucks! We believe that there are loads of people out there that would love to join a clan but this one fact alone scares them off and as a result many people miss out on much of the end game content, such as the raids and Trials of the Nine, which is a massive part of the game!

So that is hopefully where we come in, a place where these people can go, to find a worry free place and get a group together to enjoy this end game content. If this is something that interests you and want to get involved, it's an open clan so you can come and go as pleased as long as there is space available :)