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Welcome to Iron Vitality EU/PC [Destiny 2 Clan]

Here we are Guardians, Iron Vitality is looking for only Active players from EU on PC only.
We are a clan with high experience in Destiny. Currently, we are seeking EU Active Players who are willing to do many activities together and help the Clan's Guardians.
PvE and PvP Content - That includes Raids, Strikes, Nightfall, World events, Crucibles and much more.. If you are interested to join Iron Vitality, apply on this link:

Runs set time:
- Raid Normal Clear: Friday between 10 PM and 12 AM CET
- Raid Prestige Clear: Not set yet.

Guardian Requirements:
- Be active at least 4 days per week.
- Have Discord and a functional Microphone.
- Clear the weekly activities and progress with the Clan through the Endgame content.
- To join a high-end Raid or Nightfall, you should meet the in-game requirements as much as possible.

Discord Voice Server:
Warning: Inactive Guardians more than 1 Week, will be kicked from the Clan.