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We are a fairly new clan well new as in created this clan for Destiny 2. Since we moved from Xbox and created a new one for PC. We are looking to have a fun and exciting game experience with new friends on Destiny. We are not a serious clan we like to joke and mess around and we won't kick somebody unless you really mess up.

We currently only have 3 members at the moment but we want to expand that and have a consistent group of players to do any and every end game activity in Destiny 2. We want to have all the time if you want to do PvP, Strikes, Nightfall or whatever you heart desires that day. You can ask anyone in the clan if they want to join you on your adventure.

We do use Discord as our primary communication so we ask you at least us Discord before joining. We also have many channels on their for other games and can create even more.

If you are interested in joining whether your new to destiny and need people to play with or if you're a veteran and need people to play with. We accept all no age requirement just ask for maturity and is not snowflake. It's an open membership so just go here

Once you join I will add you on and send you a discord invite. Also if you want to add me on Bnet: Pookey#1136