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A group of very active players left a very inactive clan. We want active players who want to interact, based in the UK or Europe.

We do weekly Prestige Raids, daily normal Raids where needed (we're working on getting our speed run down to under 40 mins), daily Prestige Nightfalls, Raid Challenges, Crucible and Iron Banner. Were more than happy to do Trials but we are still working towards going through flawlessly.

We're more than happy to help out levelling up on multiple characters and public events. Can't forget about that grind.

We will monitor activity but of course, holidays and life stuff will take exception, but we're really looking at members to interact with a clan activity once a week. We're trying to build a solid clan moving forward, where hopefully, you can always find someone to play with.

The general gist is to work towards endgame activities while having a laugh.

Find us here: