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Are you looking for a level 6 clan with members on all the time? Well, this is not one of those dead level 6 clans so abundant because they all left this wonderful game, although will probably be back for Curse next month... In fact we are a small clan that wishes to grow into a level 6 clan that is active ALL of the time. Yandere United is small time clan that I wish to grow into a large clan that realizes this is a game meant for friendly fun, and simply that. I have no major requirements like most others, but I do have a list of things you should know about our clan:

We are of the EST.
We generally play from the 5pm to 12 am time.
We do have a Discord channel!
We're kinda nerds and Weeaboos so don't be afraid to talk about animes and stuff!
We will play all activities because loot and fun.

So if you have interest, just post down below your PSN and I'll scoop up our new babies!
Or the clan link right here: