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The HANDSOME NERDS are now recruiting!


REGION/PLAYTIME: Most of us are US East, but open to members from any location. We usually play after work hours, 5pm-midnight EST.

ABOUT: The Handsome Nerds are a clan of pc gamers who never played Destiny 1, but have gone all in on Destiny 2. We are laid back, but also have a number of gamers with competitive experience (counter strike, starcraft, mobas) in our ranks. We run all of the endgame content every week, and cater to both PvE and PvP focused players.

We schedule multiple Raids and Trials runs every weekend to ensure that every member has a chance to do everything. We are also encouraging the formation of serious Trials teams with an eye toward ranked competitive play and tournaments in the future.

The Handsome Nerds are looking to rapidly grow in the coming weeks, so if you think you are handsome enough, and are interested in the clan, make sure to apply!


- Must be 18+
- Have a mic & Discord
- Be willing to learn and help others
- A desire to be a weekly contributor to end game activities (pve or pvp).


- Post your bnet tag, your character light level and some information about yourself as a gamer

- Apply using the following link:

Thanks for checking us out! If you have any questions, feel free to shoot me a message any time.