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Smaller group around the central, Pacific, eastern also a couple in AEDT zone beggining to expand quite a bit. Looking for more people to have fun with.

Trying to have a close group to constantly play PVE or PVP. We knockout nightfalls, raids (normal and prestige), trials and finish all milestones together so if youre looking for a close group to become better with and make friends, check us out. Preferably experienced but if you have the potential and want to learn we will teach you!!!

A lot of teaching going on. A lot of learning the mechanics and other aspects of the game together as well. Ran raid day one. We will be ready for season 2 day one as well. The admin (Ignasius1088) and have been around since D1 and have A lot of expierience in both PvP and PvE. Pretty chill and fun group. It's what it's all about. We plan on becoming more serious but this involves getting a roster we are comfortable with. We are not going to take in everyone. This is not a open clan. We are just looking for expirienced players preferrably but as I have said if We vibe with you, we will take care of you. We don't mind taking time to teach. We definitely got some sweats that can wreck though ^_^

All we ask of our members is be open minded, chill, and patient. We could use an extra admin sometime soon. This is the development of a close group. MESSAGE Ignasius1088 or myself on PSN for any questions.

We are looking for up to 10 new members for season two. As I have said we are a close group.

Clan page at

We have a organized chat on discord as well.