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Welcome destiny players, Destiny VI is part of our community [NerdLabs], we are mature adults that focus on building a great community / clan, With daily events happening all over with the launch of our destiny clan,
we are going strong and our members are active daily, as well as our moderators.
We can't wait to continue to build with you all and make this clan amazing!
You can find more information on our discord.

What do we look for?
We are looking for people that want to make it possible to turn a small destiny clan into something more with active members great communication with each other, have enjoyment with the clan / community, we don't have many rules for the clan but if you do decide to join you can find all the information on our discord (Link provided). All we ask is that you have fun with the clan and try communicate with the clan to assure them you're still interested in helping the clan out.

We are committed to all activities including:
- Raids
- Heroic missions/strikes
- Quests
- Iron Banner
- Bounties
- Private Matches

How do we apply:
[1]: Apply to our clan here: DestinyVII Clan Page
[2]: Join our discord here: DestinyVII Discord Channel
[3]: Up vote this Thread
[4]: Post a comment so this Thread can get noticed
[5]: Clan schedules can be found here! DestinyVII Clan Schedule

[1]: You must be active
[2]: You must be in our discord server
[3]: You must follow our community rules (Found on discord)