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II Punkface II
II Punkface II

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Warmind Aggregation is a clan started up by a couple of veterans looking for fellow mature players to fill our ranks. We will be working together to clear the content Destiny 2 has to offer and have fun doing it. We are not an elitist clan, but we are also not here to carry you through content. Everyone should make an effort to provide help to each other. New players are always welcome as we are more than happy to teach and help people. We do not have any major obligations or requirements other then to be mature, help clanmates in need, and be respectful of others please! That doesn't mean you can't s*** talk. We do a whole lot of that. The goal of this clan is to work together to complete ALL of Destiny 2s Content. This includes Crucible weekly, nightfall weekly, trials weekly, and raid weekly. Additionally, we will form fireteams to do openworld content as well as special limited time events like the faction rallys and Iron Banner. If you want to give us a try, click the link below to get our clan profile page.