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Be part of something new, be a part of something big. This call is for our first PC Clan: SRN - Saint-14 Disciples. The SRN is group of affiliate Destiny 2 clans all under the SRN banner. Also, if you would like to setup your own Roughneck affiliate, please join our discord and message Cyberbiker2001. Are you looking for a social experience? A clan where your opinion matters, and people care about you? Then come join The Roughnecks. We foster a "Friends first, game second" mentality. Our clan is more about hopping on, having fun with cool people be it in the crucible or PvE, and just general unwinding from the daily grind of real life. We use discord, which is a clan requirement, so our fun doesn't just stop in game. We are layed back, but we still get things done. From trials to the raid, we have people who do just about everything in game. Many of our guys are D1 veterans who know the game inside and out. Want that first time raid experience? We can do that. Want to have a bunch of guys to play PvP with? We can certainly do that (after all, we are The Roughnecks). Want to go Flawless in Trials? While that may happen, we won't carry anyone. You will get as much out of this clan as you are willing to put into it. What are we looking for in members? 18+ is Mandatory. We are an adult clan, and adult conversations happen. If you are under 18, or easily offended, please look elsewhere. A mic is required to do raids and other group activities. Also the clan is English speaking. I won't say no if you can't speak English, but it will make your experience less enjoyable. As I said before, discord is a requirement of clan membership as that's how the vast majority of our communication is done. Admin Team Cyberbiker2001 - SRN Founder, Saint-14 Disciples Founder Royalgrimm21 - SRN Co-Founder Ddgog123 - Shaxx's Roughnecks Clan Owner Phoenixkiller420 - Brothers of Osiris Clan Owner banestarreaper - The Felwinter Exiles Clan Owner Discord: (Required for Membership) Twitter: (Or **@SRoughnecks**) Twitch: