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Slim Creeper
Slim Creeper

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US, UK, EUrope, everyone, c'mon down! Our clan is based on morals, respect for one another, and acting as adult - with a good sense of humour. You'll bust your sides! No one is above anyone! We have active players for all content. Join the family! Having issues growing your clan? Talk to us about merging! We've filled our second clan (UNFORGIVEN EMPIRE ALPHA [UEA]), our third (UNFORGIVEN EMPIRE BETA [UEB]), and are populating our fourth (UNFORGIVEN EMPIRE GAMMA [UEG]). We have a single, multi-channel discord server used for FT organization and communication (text, not voice) Discord is a big deal because it ensures that all clans are the same family and work as one. [b]Requirements:[/b] Already have, or be willing to use, Discord (App, browser, or desktop). This is where we are a family. This is how we do work. Come with the answers to What are your strengths in Destiny? What do you spend your time on? (We take new and inexperienced players as well as sweaties, we just want to know where you fit.) Are you 17+? (If not, that's okay but we need to know who's with us that's under 18.) Your nickname on the Discord server must match your XBL GT. We'll provide server info upon invitation. Fluent in the English language. Best contact method: PM to Bnet: JessBabi or Slim Creeper on Destiny the Game app or website.