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So basically what I’m noticing is on the destiny LFG chat is being overrun again by paid carrying soliciting posts... not to point any names, but Solus, Trials Daddy, etc dominate the chat with soliciting posts. It is super clear that it is the same group of people that all take turns to post the same post and flood the chats. And they reference each other in their post making it blatantly obvious. It is to my understanding that for one soliciting is not supposed to be allowed? And two, spamming was NOT allowed, which they are clearly doing. Get control of it? This is not even including the fact that they violate the license agreement of a game on your site by advertising a service for commercial use (financial transactions) - but hey I’m ignoring that fact because I guess free speech for them to post what they want, doesn’t look good on you guys though, at least fix the spam from these advertisements .... clearly advertisements