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ABOUT US: Fireteams With Benefits sets out to be the best community in Destiny 2. We aim to start friendships and create lasting memories. We do everything Destiny 2, but we'd like to take it a step further. RULES: Not gonna make a long list of rules because it's pretty simple around here: Be respectful and have fun. You will be kicked or banned if you don't follow these two simple rules. MEMBERS: Members are expected to be kind and respectful. Helpful and accepting. We do not discriminate new or weaker players. Instead, we do our best to help those players. We all want to play endgame content (Raids, Prestige and Trials of the Nine) and some of us aren't able to do so without help. If you have already done some of these activities, you didn't do them alone. Someone helped you, so return the favor by helping someone else. If you feel like you are one of these "weaker" players, don't be afraid to ask for help. We we'e all new at some point. If you have a friend that wants to join a clan, invite them and introduce them to the current members. ADMINS: Admins are expected to moderate the community, regularly communicate with members and do their best to foster a wholesome environment to play in. If you are interested in becoming an Admin, message Epik Revoltz (founder) indicating why you want to be an Admin. We will reach out to you and schedule a time when we can play and discuss the details. INACTIVITY: In order to keep things fresh we have a monthly ritual of kicking inactive members and recruiting new members. This, however, does not mean that you are banned. You are welcome and encouraged to join back in whenever you'd like. If you have a stipulation that prevents you from playing for a while, let an Admin know and you won't be kicked. STAY CONNECTED: Most of our communication will be done through two applications. The Destiny 2 companion app, also know as and BAND. The companion app is useful for chat with the whole clan, organizing fireteams and recruiting new members. The companion app has other useful features such as: seeing members who are currently playing and viewing clan/personal progress. The BAND app allows members to become a bit more personal. You can use it to view and schedule upcoming events, answer polls, and share things such as helpful or entertaining videos. BAND is basically Facebook for clans. We recommend that members use both to communicate and enable notifications to stay connected. Please let an Admin know if there is ever anything we can do to improve your experience with FWB. Destiny 2 companion app for Apple devices: Destiny 2 companion app for Android devices: BAND website: BAND app for Apple devices: BAND app for Android devices: Other useful links: Bungie website: Destiny Item Manager: Destiny Tracker: Fireteams With Benefits Facebook group: *** PLEASE UPVOTE IF YOU CONSIDERED JOINING ***