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Loud ii Lusio
Loud ii Lusio

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Looking for ACTIVE! guardians. (Again..18+!) Very respectful and mature (and helpful!). Mostly PvE clan (open to PvP focused players too!). We're not fishing for large member numbers but rather, guardians who play weekly or daily and would like to build friendships and enjoy the game with a fireteam. We have had most of our clan go dark until the SOTG is up to their standards, but myself and a handful are still playing because we just enjoy playing! This downtime for those of us still active is used anywhere from sharpening our skill/light, or as a platform to vent and get away/share IRL stuff. We are adults. (Unfortunately) Only males. Our ages range roughly between 21-41(ish). All clan requests will be vetted, by me, through either party chat or messages. We have no power level/time playing/race/sex/religion/...yadayada required for acceptance (only minimum age), if your interested drop me a message on XBL and we will have a place for you! GT - Loud ii Lusio