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Lets face it. Destiny 2 isn't doing so hot right now. With this being the unfortunate case, many clans are falling apart. If you belong to such a clan or no clan at all, consider joining FWB. We raid weekly and help with Nightfalls, Milestones, Quest, etc. We do it all. No need to submit an application. All we ask is that you remain truly active. Two+ weeks of inactivity will usually result in a kick. if you aren't consistently in a fireteam, playing with clanmates or engaging the clan pages you with be kicked. things will not always be this way and haven't been this harsh in the past. but as a result of Destiny 2 dry season, we are doing everything we can to keep things fresh for the players who still love the game and want to play consistently. If you love Destiny and miss having people to play with, you are more than welcome here. until Destiny 2 catches back up, we will continue to recruit and kick inactive players. To find out more information on the clan, message me or click on this link: join here: UPVOTE: If you consider joining this clan or even if you don't. please support us by upvoting this topic.