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Destiny 2 launched and we were all chilling in a party, leveling up and thinking to ourselves, "we need a clan". Naturally, we began goofing and suggesting several different clan names. Some bad, some clever, mostly inappropriate. In the end, we realized that the biggest draw for being in a clan was the extra rewards. There were benefits to being in a giant fireteam and thus Fireteams With Benefits was born. Which is just the right amount of bad, clever and inappropriate mixed together. Nowadays the rosters changed up a bit, but the clan operates with the same ideals as before. All skill levels, players new and old are welcome. Two rules: Have fun and be respectful. Fireteams With Benefits revolves around the people playing the game. Destiny 2 is just a canvas for our beautiful chaos. We encourage consistent engagement. If you are only here for the benefits and not the fireteams, quite frankly you shouldn't be in a clan. We pride ourselves in being more than just a clan.