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Link: Hello everyone! The 7th Planet is a Destiny 2 discord server looking to recruit new members! To put things into perspective, we're trying to rebuild our community, and what a better time to do that than after the Forsaken Reveal. We're all excited for Destiny's newest expansion and would love to gather others that share this feeling with us. Not going to lie, at the moment things can be a little stale inside the server, outside of peak hours, finding people to play with without using services like the100 can be a little bit tricky. [b]We want this to change.[/b] We want all kinds of players; if you don't play that much, that's fine, but if you love the game and want to play it to your heart's content, that's perfect too. The benefit of a discord server is there's virtually no limit to how many people can join, so anyone's welcome! While not all of you will be able to join our Destiny 2 clan, we will have our medium, a place where everyone can gather around and talk about the game, schedule raids, and chill out while playing some crucible. Who knows, maybe we'll create branch clans in the future for new members. [u][b]About the Discord[/b][/u] - Charlemange and the100bot Integration - Spontaneous Voice Channel Creation - Vendor Engram support for 380 PL engram notifications - Automated Bungie News & Destiny 2 reset information I'd like to be very clear on something, we support each other as a community. Please refrain from any sort of activity that might inconvenience other guardians. [b]If this sounds like something you'd like, don't hesitate to click that link![/b]