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Before I get started on the usual "join our clan" stuff, I just want to make sure you have a good idea of what kind of clan you could be getting into. We roast each other, we cuss, make dirty jokes, we fool around, but we also respect everyone that calls themselves a tango member. We understand that there is a life outside of video games and will not hold it against you if you have that late night shift and cant do the raid. Our Leaders are college students, parents, full-time employees, and most of all, understanding of the fact that though we would love to spend all day on our games we have to get things done. Another thing that we stand out for is the fact we could care less about your skill level. If you want to dedicate some time to learn a game and learn that raid, we will make sure it happens. We [i]want[/i] to help you get better and to learn what you can from us. Even if that means moving on from Tango Smash to another, more advanced clan. We are are more than just gamers. We are here to help anyone ad everyone who is willing to he dedicated to the games they play. At the moment, we are expanding to PS4 and PC. We have a discord for all members (nice leveling system in place for epic loot later on!) And are currently trying to find that Ps4 player that is willing to lead a clan under our banner. If you think we are a good fit for you, and you are also willing to help us grow our community, let us know by messaging DidTheTango on Xbox or finding us on social media. @tangosmashgaming - Instagram