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About Us xAllegiancex (xAx) is a PS4 and XB1 Bungie featured gaming community of over 1800 members that has been active for over three years. Over the course of the last three years, we have expanded to over 22 different Bungie divisions and have been able to host over 700+ Destiny events per month thanks to our on site administrators. These events include: •Normal and prestige raids •Training raids / Sherpa Raids •Speedrun raids, flawless raider events •Nightfalls, strikes, public event grinds etc •Crucible events, Iron Banner events, tournaments •Casual / Hardcore Trials of the Nine Everybody is welcome, from those less experienced that need help to those more experienced that like to help others. To join our Destiny gaming community, Please check us out at Steps to join xAx: 1. Register on our website. 2. Fill an application out. (will guide you to correct division) 3. request to join the correct division. Bungie Feature: Twitch channel: YouTube Channel: