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Death by Midnight [DbM] has been formed based from members of a clan that became inactive. The three members currently are looking to add 3+ more guardians to run raids, nightfalls/weekly's, trials, etc. We are a mature group of players with D1 & D2 Experience. Just looking to get a solid group together now before the major September Release of "Forsaken" We also have a discord setup as well for chat, coordination, etc. (Given when added to clan) If you are interested, please feel free to reach out to Koncept on xbox live or request to join the clan from clan profile page. Some Additional Info [b] Time Zone(s):[/b] Central & Eastern [b] Playing Times:[/b] Usually between 6PM-12AM EST During the week. Later on weekends and prefer to run Raids on Saturday's. [b]Preferred Experience:[/b] Should have great experience in D2 or have played D1, we are looking to pull in more veterans / people who are still serious with the game to prevent not completing Raids, Lairs, etc. Should be 18+