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ABOUT US. Fireteams With Benefits was created around the release of Destiny 2. This was at a point when Destiny's player base was thriving and we started with only a few members of those players. We began playing and soon noticed the benefits of being in a clan. A clan seemingly being a massive fireteam that would allow us to receive additional in-game benefits and thus... we had a cheeky, slightly appropriate clan name. At our peak and after a spotlight from Guardian Radio we had around 180 members. We believed that things could only get better from there, but unfortunately the game's popularity soon plummeted. The priority was no longer to grow, but to survive. I watched as clan after clan died on the Bungie forums and refused to suffer the same fate. We now have a consistent 40 or so players and nearly 100 total. We complete Raids and other endgame activities several times a week. We want to offer a fun and engaging community and will rarely turn anyone down from joining. With the hope that September's Forsaken expansion finally brings Destiny 2 back into popularity, we have reworked the ways we handle recruitment. THE REQUIREMENTS. There are no requirement for joining FWB. Anyone can join Fireteams With Benefits by utilizing the BAND app to organize into fireteams and participate in Clan Events. This goes for casual players as well. Any inappropriate behavior will lead to being BANNED for the BAND app. Becoming a member of the Roster requires that you consistently contribute to the clan. Roster members are able to redeem clan rewards and engrams. If you are ever kicked from the Roster for inactivity or any other reason, use the BAND app to request a re-invitation. If anything, you could use the FIreteams With Benefits BAND page as an LFG to get some milestones done. ADMINS. Help is always welcome. If you are passionate about fostering a community, please do message me on the BAND app or on XBOX at Epik Revoltz. We have high ambitions, but they can't be reached without help. Admins can help by recruiting and moderating the community. Being an admin shouldn't feel like a part-time job and we still want you to have fun doing it. THE BEST OF THE BEST. "eternal" is Fireteams With Benefits' competitive PVP team. Spots are limited and have to be earned. This isn't for your casual Crucible player. Members of this group are dedicated to becoming better individually and as a team. Members understand that there is a commitment involved. Most sessions will take place on the weekends. As an "eternal", clanmates will look to you to help them through the tougher PVP arenas. KEEPING THINGS INTERESTING. Throughout the year, we will be hosting a number of different events ranging from our Guardian Pride Contest to our annual Clan Tournament. Some of these events will reward prizes. These prizes could be anything from "Fireteams With Benefits" T-Shirt to Xbox Elite Controllers. These events are not limited and there should be a little something for everyone. I DON'T HAVE AN XBOX. Fireteams With Benefits started on XBOX, so most of our focus is there for now. We have plans for expansion, but those plans are heavily correlated with the popularity of the game. For now we are choosing to invest in a single branch on one platform. HOW DO I JOIN? Step 1: Create a BAND account. Step 2: Introduce yourself by making a post. Step 3: Demonstrate that you would consistently contribute by playing the game and using the BAND app. Step 4: Message an Admin and request to become a member. PS. I do know about Discord and we currently don't have one. BAND just seemed like a better fit for the clan, but I am not against starting a Discord. Please Upvote.