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XB1/PS4 Corpse Warfare We are a large clan but we care for each other, we are on everyday, we are mix of casual and competitive players, we have fun but get serious when we need to! We also have a lot of alliances that helps us to do events. We do everything! QuickPlay & Competitive Crucible Leviathan Raid Trials of the Nine Nightfall: Exodus Crash Strikes And much more! We make sure everyone treat right, this clan is a family There are few requirements for joining this clan No age restrictions (be respectful) 305 power level restrictions(miminum) No mic restrictions (recommended) No skill level restrictions (we suck to) XB1/PS4 players We do not judge on how good you are! We welcome anyone, it does not matter if you a competitive, casual or even a hardcore grind player, we will welcome anyone!! As one of the founders, thank you for your interest and time. Use the following link to to join. [url=]JOIN[/url]