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Hey dudes! I've been playing destiny ever since the launch of D1, I used to play on ps4 and raided every single week multiple times. Long story short, PS4 broke down, made the switch to PC, and sadly not one of them has made the switch with me. Raiding is intertwined into my DNA, used to do H raids in WoW and did some carries through D1 raids. So I'd love to be able to join the ranks of a raiding clan, I really miss it :( If you need a little about me, I dont know how these forums specifically work, but usually most people like a little background and whatnot: - 29/M/TN - I'm on Central Time, I can raid most times but usually anywhere from 7pm CT - 3am CT are preferable. So i'm pretty flexible - Not much of a talker, but I can follow the fuck out of some instructions son! - Maybe some bonus points for not having to be told 10+ times over? :thinking:]- And of course, I enjoy long walks on the beach :) Dunno if messages come to mail or just here, in which case i'll most likely forget. Discord is the best way to reach me probably. PSN/Steam: Phyzha Blizzard Battletag: Phyzha#1166 Discord: Phyzha#7044 (Wont be able to check PSN, just linking in case it wasn't obvious, for stats 'n schtuff) edit: I had this looking way cleaner, but tab spacing is apparently really difficult for the people running this site ¯\_(ツ)_/¯