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(PS4 ONLY) " currently recruiting raid experienced players only" LVL 6 CLAN We are currently looking to fill up more spots in the clan. We are a main pve clan atm meaning we focus on raid completions, heroic strikes, escalation, whisper and end game content of that nature. If you are looking for a clan that loves to cut up but at the same time progress through the pve content of this game please consider the good ol (Brown Eye Destroyers). The requirements to joining this clan are as follows: (1) please for the love of god have a good sense of humor and patience. (2) Be of the age of 18+ (3) Must have and use a mic (4) Must be active in the game (were looking for people thats gonna be on often with that being said we have an adult clan many of us are over 25 so I understand real life takes priority) not all but the majority of our player base is eastern and central time zone and most get on between 3pm to 1am. (5) If your like me you have ran into a few if not many clans that have plenty of players and maybe even many of them play often but for some reason they have their groups within the clan and thats all they want to play with. We are not that clan we will post daily asking if anyone needs help. I am looking for like minded people that will be willing to help others and be active in the clan chat. (6) Must have raid clears doesnt have to be many but must have experience (will be checking). (7) Be prepared to get the forsaken dlc so we can continue to play the new content with you. (8) Just be a good fun person that people will enjoy being around while traveling on this destiny 2 journey with us... I mean seriously its a game the most important part is to have some fun and meet new friends ... right ... right ... can i get a amen. We want to build an online family that will continue with us for years to come. If any of this sounds enticing to you and your friends don't hesitate to send me "divineprod1gy" a message on the playstation 4 If you feel like this clan is for you and you meet the criteria this is the link to our clan on bungie where you can apply: