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^-^ Aura Of Silence ^-^ ~~Note: I had too many inactives so i removed all inactives and now i'm recruiting, If you'd like to join a growing clan that'll be really appreciated and thanks for spending your time reading into this~~ ++ Link to Clan Join Page(Read Below First): ++ Have you ever felt the silence? What does it feel like? Emptiness or Loneliness? ++ == Clan Requirements == ~| Basic |~ ~Be Active in Clan Chat on Destiny App~ ~Be Active & Aware of Everything In Game~ ~Be Active In Game 3-7 Days A Week~ ~| For PvE Division |~ ~Must've at least watched the videos on how to do the raids~ ~Must be willing to do Raids, Nightfalls, Events, Heroic Strikes, Heroic Story Missions, etc with clan members at any times~ ~Be Up To Date on Arsenal Such As Whisper of the Worm & So on~ ~Must be able to Team Up with PvP Division~ ~Feel free to ask clan members for help~ ~| For PvP Division |~ ~Have a Positive Trials/Competitive/Quickplay K/D ~Know the Meta~ ~Must Be Silver Elo+ In 100% Of Crucible Modes~ ~Don't be a Jerk & Ignore Those In Need Of Help If You Can Help~ ~Work Towards Clan Crucible, Trials & Gambit Engrams~ ~| For Sherpa Division |~ ~Must've gone flawless 5 times~ ~Must've done every raid on normal and prestige~ ~Must be willing to carry clanmates through raid, trials and competitive~ ~Must've done leviathan raid with fastest time being less than 1 hour 30 minutes~ ~Must be Over 17+ and Willing to Help Clan Mates when needed~ == That's All For Requirements! Now Rules == ++ To Become An Admin, You Must Prove Yourself Worthy ++ ++ Don't Discriminate By Color, Race, Religion or Geography ++ == Our Motto == ++ Sometimes there needs to be silence before the war, Only then can you fight for it ++ Gud Day Guardian ~ Lets Avenge Cayde-6 !addtears