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The name is Slayer. Strategic Slayer. And as a gamer, quick-witted commentator and incorruptible content creator I'm looking for talented individuals that actually want to earn a living doing what they love to do. Simply put, I'm searching for commentators, podcasters, reviewers, gamers, let's players, movie goers, and more, for our clan channel. Meaning, we want a small number of talented content creators to contribute to our newly constructed YouTube channel. And yes, I'm serious about this. And you should be too, if you want to make something of your work. You see, I'm looking for people that are truly passionate about what they do. No attention seeking, wannabe celebrities that utilize click bait and less than stellar practice to push their agenda... there's enough of those as it is. That said, here is a short list of requirements: - Must be 21 years of age, at least. - Must have a high ethical standard. Integrity is a necessity here, for we don't associate with scumbags. - Be honest. We expect full transparency here. No bullshit. No lies. We will not tolerate it. - Must speaking fluent English. - A true passion for, and understanding of, video games and the gaming industry. - Must be self-sufficient and capable of producing content on a regular basis. No slackers. - Must have social skills and a good sense of humor. Emphasis on the humor. Now, if you qualify then please contact me via this site and my newly constructed YouTube channel, and I'll get back to you as soon as I can. And make sure to contact me as soon as possible, for we are quickly approaching our recruitment deadline, 9/2/18. Note: more information will be provide to all potential candidates during our scheduled interview. And don't worry, it's nothing more than a casual interrogation. ): ) Also, our clan channel will be released soon. Please standby. Channel Name: Strategic Slayer Channel Link: