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I am TurnandBurn7, we have expanded our clan to capacity for the release of Forsaken. With so many members still wanting to join us everyday we have started a second clan. Now we are looking for more new members of all levels and skills in game. Here there are no requirements for gameplay, age, emblems, K/D, power level, weapons or any of the ridiculous demands of other clans out there. This is a game first and foremost it is not real life. Your life comes first then the game as life allows. Here the point of this game is to show one another how to engage and beat every encounter that there is. I can not promise your own success in any activity as that is up to you and those that play with you. What we will do together is offer every member the opportunity to succeed with the help of fellow clan mates. The end result is up to you. We as a clan will teach one another the in’s and outs of all endgame material and as you learn share that experience with other people so that they to will learn.

The only rule here is to respect one another and if there are issues between clan mates bring it up to the admins so it can be addresses properly and handled. Addressing a less capable player inappropriately or disrespecting a fellow clan member are the only reasons someone would be removed from the clan here. When I use the words “adults only” I refer to the manners with which you treat other people. If this sounds like a place you would like to be then feel free to look us up and join, message me directly, or join our discord and we can add you from there. Our doors are open to everyone. If you are someone who is not willing to offer help or has restrictions on who they play with then move along this is no place for you. Discord is not required to have but since we are now expanding into a second clan communication between two clans for activates is important for those who would like to participate in endgame material. Here is the link if interested.