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We want a clan were we help each other out if help is needed…A social clan and when you’re online, why not start a group and invite other clan members when you play crucible, or just wanna get the latest exotic quest. Perhaps you’re bored, don’t know what to do, so you come online and shout out “hey anybody want to play a couple of strikes” and hopefully peeps want to join together. A clan were we do raids, have endless hours of joking around in the microphone, and where the goal is not to complete the raids first, but to have fun! Who knows, perhaps we will make a “drunk-raid”, just kick back in the sofa drinking beer! Or when new raids appear, make a group for it when no one has done any research of the raid before we start, just to do it by trial and error. Sure we will push your character over the edge in the raid when your of to the kitchen making a sandwich, but its a "friendly push". Thats our vision, and we hope there are others out there who feel the same and want to join! So send us a message, here, on bungie app or on my psn “Strimsen” PS. We all use the app for contact, so please download it. Enjoy!