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Hello. I am Whodeyy1234, [the founder/a co-leader] of the Kill The Oversoul! clan. However, I am not the leader. In this clan we have 3 co-leaders between me, Alphawolf, and Frosty1712. We have recently converted our clan from a casual clan to a raid centric clan. With that being said, we have some casual players that have been loyal to the clan for a long time and we did not wish to lose them so you may see a few players with a “Casual” role inside the discord. Bear in mind that that role is not obtainable anymore. Now, on to business. We currently have ## players in the clan and wish to expand. We wish to be able to raid constantly and with multiple people. One of our main philosophies in making this clan was to allow Sherpaing and new players to experience the raids as in our last clan we 3 were cast aside and not able to partake in the endgame activities of raids. Now, we have some policies that must be addressed if you wish to join our clan. 1. You must be invited personally by a member within the “Raider” role inside the discord or a rank above. 2. You must be inside and active within the clan discord server (which you will receive upon invite to the clan). 3. Upon joining the clan, you will be given a 2 week trial period called the “Raid Trainee” role. This role is to ensure that we have dedicated raiders joining our clan. This trial lasts 2 weeks, and if you have not completed the Last Wish Raid (or whatever the newest raid is that this message has been sent) with a team of no less than 3 “Raiders”, you will be kicked and given a week period in which you cannot join the clan until this week is complete. 4. Once said raid is complete, the “Raiders” on your team will evaluate your performance and pass this report down the line to the moderators then ultimately the admins to be decided if you are allowed full membership into the clan. 5. Once obtaining full membership, you will have full access to the clan discord and the “Raider” role. After acquiring full membership, you can always apply for the “Raid Leader” (our Sherpa role) or “Moderator” roles within a specific text channel in the clan discord. Other than that, I hope you take interest in our clan and I look forward to hearing your response. Have a good one and remember, even if you are not apart of the clan, don’t forget to Kill The Oversoul!