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Thanks for your interest in After The Storm. Off the bat I want you to know that it's a brand new clan. Formed 12/2/2018. Don't expect instantaneous explosions of activity when you join. Be patient! The goal of the clan is to provide an experience for guardians of all levels. We want to be able to help guide new players and experienced players alike into being satisfied with their Destiny 2 experience. We will never be just an end-game-focused clan. We will never be a PvP-focused clan, or even just a PvE-focused clan. We will be all things for every member. Raids, Strikes, Milestones, Exotic quests, Crucible, Gambit. The works. We have a few simple requirements before you apply to join, make sure you meet these before sending the application: ---Reside in North America or Canada (No Europeans, even those playing on NA servers.) ---Have a working Microphone ---Speak fluent English ---Have a decent, non-toxic personality ---Have a Discord account/be able to use Discord. The link is in the Clan's about section. ---Play on PC. This is a PC exclusive clan. -- Clan Profile If you meet those requirements, and want to give it a try, feel free to drop an application! Also, we are recruiting Staff Members into our community. If you're interested in joining up as an Admin, feel free to send me a private message beforehand, or on Discord once you're in. I look forward to seeing all of you guys!