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WELCOME FUTURE INMATES! Hello people of earth! Do you like video games, but hate typical gamer culture? Good news! We've amassed a collective of people that not only play games, but also hate themselves! If that sounds appealing, this clink may be right for you! We've decided to dust out our extra cells and open our doors to the public. The Drunk Tank gaming community consists of non-problematic, chill folks who eat video games. We have set rules and guidelines in our Discord that need to be followed. If you have a hard time not spewing general bigotry, this isn't the place for you. Despite our name, drinking isn't required, but it's definitely not discouraged. Right now our main focuses are Destiny 2, Monster Hunter: World, and Overwatch. However, we will always be open to expanding our Discord. If enough pull exists for a game, it's almost certain that it'll be added to the list. SO, IF YOU'RE STILL READING THIS, WELCOME ABOARD! PUT ON YOUR UNIFORM AND FIND A CELL.