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That Zexi Guy
That Zexi Guy

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We are recruiting skilled PvP players as most of our members are PvP focused. We regularly grind Competitive and most of us have Not Forgotten or Luna's Howl. We do, however, play PvE as well, and regularly do raids when our members are on. We are currently small and trying to recruit skilled players, or players who have the capacity to get better. Most of our members are 1.5KD+, I, personally, am a 2.3KD and am willing to help players improve if they can demonstrate the capacity to get better. As a side note, most of our members are already tight-knit; we've been playing since D1Y1 and thus known each other for several years. We are definitely looking for players to join our PvP family though! Most of our players are Pacific and Eastern, and we usually playin the evenings everyday after 6pm. Most of our members are adults that work regular hours during the day, which is the reason we play after 6. Apply at the clan website: . After admitting you, we also have a Discord which we can invite you to as well.