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The Grumpy Gun Bunnies are Recruiting! We are presently a 40 member PS4 clan that is looking to grow our numbers as well as add more raiders (newb raiders and experienced raiders). We are a group of mostly adults, ranging in age from 30-65. We do have a couple of teenage members that are children of some of the adult members. We are a very laid back, relaxed, fun loving group that enjoys playing Destiny/Destiny 2, and our doors are open to anyone that is laid back, relaxed, and fun loving. We are located in the US and span from one coast to the other, with a member in just about all of the time zones. We have members online most every day and on weekends. We typically have a raid/Clan night on Friday evening to get the group together to work on milestones, clan bounties, Gambit, PvP, and raids. We have plenty of clears on the normal Leviathan raid, a few Eater of Worlds clears, a few Last Wish clears, and a few Scourge of the past clears, and we are looking to bring in more members to try prestige runs. We have a good group that is willing to help out new members with leveling up, special missions such as Whisper of the Worm and Malfeasance quests, and other special activities as they become available. Only requirements we have are : • Have a mic (if you are kind of shy and don’t talk much, that’s not a problem. We have open comms just for communicating during activities. No pressure to join conversations. We are a very laid back group). • Have a good attitude and a sense of humor. (and don’t mind the occasional cuss word since this game can get quite frustrating at times). We try to keep it as clean as possible since we do currently have a few younger members. But overall, we love to laugh and have a good time, and we are highly allergic to drama. • If you commit to an activity, such as a raid, we ask that you please see it through. (We are all adults, and several of us are parents, so we know things come up). We try to coordinate planned get-togethers early in week so that we can adjust schedules as needed. But if you see a clan member online, feel free to join in or ask for help. Currently our age group is between 12 – 65, but we don’t discriminate against anyone who wants to join, play and have a good time. That’s what this is all about. Have a good time, get stuff done, get new gear! If you want to give the clan a try feel free to message us or check us out. The clan founder is Thumper_6119, and the two admins are Wulf556 and wulFYsGurl. Give it a go for a month. IF the clan suits you, we are happy to have you as a member, but if not, there are no hard feelings, and we can part ways on good terms. We have a clan discord channel we use a lot for communication. We currently use the Playstation party chat for voice communication while in-game, but we use the clan Discord channel to coordinate gaming as well as just chatting between members.