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Hello! I am Whodeyy1234 and I am an Administrator for the Kill The Oversoul! Clan. I invite you to join us as a fellow raider. We raid consistently and strive to be the best. We love all things PVE and have some PVP players as well. However, we are a strictly raid base clan and thus our membership is based on that. Here are the steps to become a full member of our clan: . First you will need to complete what we call “the Trial of the Oversoul”. This trial consists of the member joining the clan discord and the clan LFG discord. After that, you will be given the Raid Trainee role and will be given two weeks to complete a Last Wish or newer Raid with at least two Raiders. If you do not complete your trial after two weeks you will be put on a one week probationary period where you will not be assigned a new trial until one week has past. Once the trial is complete, you will be given the Raid Affiliate role. . Once you have the Raid Affiliate role, you will need to consistently raid with at least two Raiders for three weeks, have at least 10 Last Wish completions, have an Admin be able to vouch for you and complete a rank-up application in the discord for the Raider rank. . Once you acquire the Raider rank, you will be a full member of the clan. You can now apply for future roles, i.e. Raid Leader roles, and ultimately earn the highest role possible: Raid Leader. If you wish to obtain this role, you will need to see the pinned message in our announcement channel in our clan discord. . Thanks for being interested in joining our clan and don’t forget to Kill The Oversoul! I look forward to hearing your response!