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Welcome to Ermahgerd Flermerngers -- the pinkest, funnest clan in Destiny! The Flermerngers are an incredibly active and furiously friendly cross-platform community. We play all endgame content, and have players ranging from Shaxx-level bosses to casual gamers here for a good time. We constantly crack jokes and trash talk at a "medium salsa" level -- with a kick, but not so much that you ever need to stop eating it. We're looking for friendly adults who want to have some stupid fun playing Destiny. We coordinate on our Discord server, so activity there is required (and fun)! When we're not busy playing new Destiny content, we participate in custom PvP tournaments, and other games like Division 2, Monster Hunter, Apex Legends, Borderlands and more. We are always welcoming and tolerant of everyone! Clan Info Clan Name: We currently have four clans across all three platforms whose names are some spelling variation of Ermahgerd Flermerngers (the original). System: All platforms -- Xbox, PC, and PS4, all one big happy family in our Discord server Location: Every US timezone -- plus several outside North America Play Times: There's almost always someone around but peak times are 4-10pm pacific Clan Rules Wear Pink -- So frabjous Participate Frequently -- If not in-game, then in our Discord server Don't Be a Dick -- Stay calm and be friendly to everyone How Do I Join? If we seem like a good fit for you, check out our website for more details -- you can fill out a form there to join our Discord server. P.S. We are a team-based clan that plays together. If you don't actively seek out clanmates / friends when you play, we're not for you. But if you prefer to play with a FULL fireteam, join us!