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Your clan's name: Coup Clan Your system(s): PC Where are most of your clan members located (country/time zones): Est/Cst When do you usually play (include times and time zone): 6-12 CST Tell us more about your clan (ex: how many members, requirements to join if any, focus on PvE/PvP/both, why should people join your clan, how do you communicate/organize events): we require discord as this is how we organize raids, and communicate with each other. We mainly focus on end game PVE i.e raid, nightfall, we do have a active group that does like to PVP, we are looking for people that want a laid back clan that enjoys joking around and having a good time while being able to complete all the end game content. What is the best way to contact your clan (reply in the thread, website, Twitter, etc.)? You can reach me on here on discord zebbb24#4679, or Bnet zebrinka#1802