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MetalGear Omega
MetalGear Omega

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Hey there guys & gals. My name is MetalGear Omega, thank you for taking the time to read this. So I made this post because I've been in 2 previous clans that "claim" to help me play competitive & complete raids. Well that didn't happen I ended up Solo que in competitive always & posting lfg for a raid group that ends up quitting. I do admit I'm not the best Player out there but I can hold my own, I've been flawless multiple times, gotten to Legend D2 & Completed all raids in destiny 1. I'm looking for a clan that wants to win & grow as a clan/squad. I hate doing things solo. I know I can learn more from other people and I can potentially teach them something as well. Thank you & feel free to message me for a tryout or a 1v1 or whatever is necessary to join a Competitive & ACTIVE Clan. Have good day y'all