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Hey! The Grubb Boiz are a chill semi-casual clan with a love for both PvE and PvP. We are starting to get organized in preparation for the release of Shadowkeep where we plan on growing and expanding our influence! We aren't above being goofballs when the time is right but when srsbsns is going down such as raids or competitive play we get down to it. Having said that we are still structuring and becoming cohesive as players. We love running through older content as a lot of new people will be pouring in with the Steam merger! ( Thank goodness Bungie is FREE!!!! Anticipate hella content amirite?) So new players and old are both welcome as we are a mix of both as well. And if you are new we have plenty of people willing to guide you through becoming a monster guardian :). We prefer you have a mic so you can raid/compete with us, and that is really the only requirement. Everything else we just like to see you in the channel or at least on the server, but for most activities voice chat is not required. Keep in mind we are still building , so we'd love to have you be a part of the process and kick some arse with us! Also we realize people have real lives (Family, work, school etc. etc.) so just let us know what's up and your peaches. So if we sound like the Clan for you hit us up on our.. Discord: Website: