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WHO WE ARE: We are a community of gamers who value quality social interaction above all else. Our philosophy is that the enjoyment of gaming with others is important above all else, that our members should be encouraged to grow as individuals and as a team, and that the ultimate goal of gaming is to have a genuinely good time together. We are looking for members who respect themselves and others, are patient and friendly, and bring a good portion of common sense. WHAT WE DO: Our goal is to foster a core community with active players who want to be part of a growing and engaging community. We aim to empower our new players to become veterans who are capable of enjoying all the game has to offer, and to encourage new and interesting challenges for veteran players before they become discouraged from the daily grind. Therefore, our focus is on recruiting players of all backgrounds and skill levels who are interested in joining an active and casually-focused gaming community. Additionally, we regularly host weekly raid events for both new and experienced raiders. Our Sherpa events are designed to bring players together, encourage raid participation from players unfamiliar with raiding, and to teach newer players raid mechanics in a guided session with an experienced raid partner. We also host experienced raid runs for players looking for higher-end challenges, including speed runs for the daily grinder. WHAT WE OFFER: - A community of friendly people who play regularly, and seek opportunities to help each other out - An active Discord (regular participation in voice chat required) with channels dedicated to multiple activities - including games other than Destiny - 3 Active Destiny clans with over 240 members - Weekly Raid events to bring people together, teach newer players the raid mechanics and provide quick runs for the daily grinder. - Competitive & casual PvP events to bring people together and help each other complete pursuits (including seasonal and weapon quests) WHAT WE ARE LOOKING FOR: - Players at least 18 years old. - Players who will be active in the Discord voice chat and in the game - we want to know our members beyond how well they kill stuff. :p - Players who will show respect for others - we are a community, above all. Harassment and toxicity toward others are not tolerated. - Casual and friendly players. We are not a "competitive" clan per se, and players aspiring for professional-level play are encouraged to look elsewhere. That said, we do enjoy a bit of sweaty comp now and then. >:) In addition to Destiny 2, Seismic features communities built around the following games: - Rainbow Six Siege - Warframe - Halo - Call of Duty - Overwatch - GTA Online - Monster Hunter: World - Valorant - Escape from Tarkov - Rocket League - World of Warcraft - Eco - Apex Legends - General gaming channels for people to play whatever they like (even if not listed above) HOW TO JOIN: If you're interested in joining, please visit us and register using your Discord name at our website: Or visit us and send an application to the Destiny 2 division below: While wait times vary, we aim to process applications and provide an answer within 24 hours. We look forward to meeting you soon!