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I thought it would be cool to get a thread going that details some of the multiplayer mechanics of Destiny. Some of these are obvious, but I'm sure there are a few things you don't know yet:

- Competitive multiplayer is accessible at anytime from the map.
- High level gear will be scaled down and low level gear will be scaled up. In other words, don't expect to take an epic gun into a pvp match and completely stomp on everybody. There is a complex system of checks and balances.
- Depending on how you spec your character, using a Titan can grant you a health boost. This might mean that Hunters and Warlocks could get other boosts as well.
- The Alpha build of Destiny has 3 stats that can be boosted via level ups and perks. Click here for a broken down skill tree
- Each class has a slightly different jump ability, but they are all basically just a double jump.
- Each Guardian carries three weapons. Primary, special, and heavy. You spawn with either half a clip, or a full clip of special ammo, but absolutely no heavy ammo. Heavy and special ammo can be picked up on the map via timed spawns.
- We have seen two vehicles so far in the alpha, excluding the Sparrow that is accessible by all players, and the stationary turrets.
--- (a) The Interceptor. This vehicle can be compared to a Revenant from the Halo series. Although the Interceptor seems to move a little slower, it seems to pack a pretty good punch. Think of a cross between a Revenant and a Wraith.
--- (b) The Pike. The pike is basically a Ghost. It moves quick, strafes, and shoots quick plasma bolts.
- Players can slide in Destiny, allowing for stylish takedowns.
- Supers (Space Magic) can seemingly be used a maximum of twice per game. This is based on Alpha gameplay of the gametype "Control". Different gametypes might not adhere to this.
- Dancing and other emotes can be used in the competitive arena. All emotes take the camera back to a third person view, allowing them to be used for potential corner peeking.

Please add any neat details that worry or excite you guys. I am eager to learn as much as I can.