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We are a PS4 UK based clan looking for fun, active members to join our friendly community for regular strikes, raids and PvP action with the aim of being the best.

There are no strict requirements for applications but we hope to build a community of friendly players all with the mindset of winning as a team in PvP and working together in PvE. A microphone is also preferred. That being said, your KD and WL ratio's will still both be considered when applying. Approximately 1.5 in both will put you in a good position, however if you think you have talents that would be beneficial feel free to tell us.

We also appreciate players have real life obligations but hope that all players will be active members of the community, especially during limited time events.

You will be surrounded by intelligent players all with the initiative to turn a failing raid into an easy victory.

Apply at:


Note: I will try set up a group chat on the PS4 and add members as they join so we can introduce ourselves and try to stay in contact until September. Please don't judge other members on their activity until the full game release.

PS. I should make clear that we do not discriminate on age either, as long as you are mature and will not cause drama for other members. (We will have a 1 strike system)

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Hey J,

We've moved your post to clan recruitment sub-forum, hopefully you'll get some luck here.

Wish all the best for GotA

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I would love to be part of your clan as i love winning, team tactics and crackin jokes.
i was wondering if there is a level restriction or a age restriction.
My warlock is a level 24 but I am levelling up soon, In what country is this clan located as i live in England i might have different time zone. Looking forward to the try out.