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Welcome to DestinyTracker all new and returning members


With the launch of Destiny and all the new members it brings there can be a lot of confusion on some details of DestinyTracker and this post is here to try and clear up as much as possible to everyone. Whether you are an old or new member this post my be useful and can be sent to new members with questions in the chatbox.

Site Score

Site score is our playlist score, which describes how you match up against other players in each individual playlist. You may be amazing in the crucible death matches but not so good at objectives, and your site score will reflect on this

Site score is reflected on how you perform, kills, assists, deaths, objectives..etc. So don't fret if you're a lone wolf and are put with awful randoms, this is based on your performance and you will shine through! Your score may fluctuate but don't be disheartened as you can get back on the battle field you can push your score higher!

True Skill

True skill is your playlist rank and this is based more on if you win in your playlist and by how much! So if you and your fireteam excel in playlists over and over again you will find your true skill rank skyrocket!

Ranks are based on many factors; wins, loses, scores..etc and as you progress up our ladder to higher and higher ranks they become harder and harder to keep ranking up, although a counter to this is the fact it becomes even easier to lose ranks as well.

As a reward for getting higher and higher in ranks, you may find yourself with a site award for doing so well and as a thank you for being a member of our community. So push for the highest rank and show off your awards!

Ranks update daily so if you think after a few hours of fighting on the battlefield your rank should have increased and it hasn't, don't worry! Soon they will update and you'll get the rank you've earnt.

Regional Leader Boards

Regional leader boards are exactly what you expect, and by signing up to them you can see how well you fair in your own country, region or even town!

Signing up to regional leader boards is easy, simply click "sign up" and the process should be automatic and if it isn't you can manually input them easily!


This tab of your stats truthfully is my absolute favourite, it contains all your characters PvE adventures and shows you how great you're doing.

In future we are looking to devlope PvE site score, so if you're a PvE lover like myself you can see how you compare to everyone else. By using this website currently and being a member of our community you are helping us push towards developing a great way to compare players in PvE, so thank you.

Thank you for reading, and hopefully we'll see lots of you sticking around here
Yo Erk
Yo Erk

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Stoked about the PvE coming soon!