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Database > Inventory Bucket > Primary Weapons

It would really help if we could distinguish the type of weapon (aside from the obvious handcannon type) without clicking on each gun

Database > Shaders

Shaders "Superblack" and "Chatterwhite" are entered twice

Database > Activities

Three entries for the "Tower" activity (Easy to find under "Social" filter)
Two entries for "Dead Sectors" activity ("Crucible" filter)
Three Entries for "Machines of War" activity ("Combined Arms" filter)
Four entries for "Eternal War" activity ("Clash" filter)
Three entries for "The Grand Arena" activity ("Rumble" filter)
Five entries for "Dead Sectors" activity ("Control" filter)
Four entries for "Executioner's Challenge" activity ("Skirmish" filter)
Two entries for "Trials of Osiris" activity ("skirmish" filter)
Three entries for "The Queen's Wrath" activity ("Story Challenge" filter)
Two entries and an unfinished entry for "Iron Banner" activity ("Iron Banner" filter)
Four entries for "Ancient Relics" activity ("Salvage" filter)
sgt frankieboy
sgt frankieboy

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Thanks for the info.

I'm unable to do anything about the shaders and activities being entered multiple times because that's how the information is delivered. I will add the sub-type to the bucket listing.