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So today myself, seng and rawr have been grinding on mobs and these are the results.

2939 goblins were killed in total, so that means we had 8817 chances for drops between all three of us.

We collected 43 rare engrams, and 8 legendary engrams dropped.

This means we have a general idea of drop rates:

0.488% ( ~ 0.5%) chance of getting a rare engram drop from a mob

0.09 % (~0.1%) chance of getting a legendary engram drop from a random mob


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Well... shit.... Does it change depending on what you do? like a Patrol vs a Mission?
Hi Im Lone Wolf
Hi Im Lone Wolf

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Kyle025 said:

This was posted over 9 months ago. Guessing you've got your shovel out today since you've been digging this forum.